In this issue: G5 Sahel calls for international support; CILSS summit focuses on reforms; Sirleaf wins 2017 African Leadership Award; and Maman Sidikou becomes the new G5 Sahel Permanent Secretary
In this issue: 30th AU summit launches African Anti-Corruption Year; UN update on the security situation in West Africa; The Regional Food Security Reserve is taking shape; and AfDB helps Niger build resilience.
In this issue: George Weah becomes Liberia’s president; partners help Cabo Verde cope with food insecurity; Mauritania revamps its currency; CILSS opens new training for water engineers.
In this issue: 52nd ECOWAS Summit; urgent funding needs of the G5 Sahel; pastoralism and conflict prevention in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa; linking borderlands research and policy; and Jean-Claude Brou, new president of the ECOWAS Commission.
In this issue: West Africa @COP 23; shifts in the US strategy in the Sahel; Tunis gets closer to ECOWAS; the perception of African rural migration is wrong; and achieving a future without child marriage.
In this issue: Nigeria @57; PRIDEC: livestock development in coastal countries; SWAC, CSFRS: Symposium on the future of the Sahel; ECOWAS aims to harmonise education systems; and UEMOA strengthens its think tank.
In this issue: Showdown in Togo; 32nd CILSS Day; ECOWAS-UEMOA statutory meeting; and the Belgian’s development agency is changing...
In this issue: BRICS: China heavily invests in Guinea; Mini-migration summit in Paris; Tabaski feast in West Africa, new CILSS graduates; and Salif Diallo, former president of Burkina Faso's National Assembly
In this issue: G5 Sahel leaders launch joint military force; G20 consolidates new Compact with Africa; Public statistics in Africa: renewal and challenges; and African Border Day focuses on youth.
In this issue: ECOWAS institutional reforms at the heart of the 51st Summit; UEMOA High-level Committee on Food Security; the EU supports the G5 Sahel joint force, and Morocco understands that Africa is the future.
In this issue: African Economic Outlook launch in India; ECOWAS helps Nigeria address food emergency; SWAC, special guest on France Culture; Maps & Facts: Nigeria’s recession slows down West African economy
In this issue: The new UEMOA Commission; SWAC presentation on food issues at the European Commission; African Youth Agripreneurs Forum and “She Decides” in Benin and Senegal.