Children & Youth

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    This documentary traces the paths of 38 young migrants from Guinea-Bissau who became beggars in Senegal. The children who appear in the film have benefited from an education/re-integration programme that was implemented by the West African Network for the Protection of Children (RAO) and co-ordinated at the national level by civil society organisations. Read on
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    Following on an international conference held in late May at the ECOWAS Commission headquarters in Abuja, a group of experts commissioned by ECOWAS, UNICEF and the ILO, launched an appeal urging West African political authorities to eradicate child poverty. While health crises like the Ebola epidemic, natural disasters and conflicts have contributed to maintaining a high level of child poverty, above all it is inequalities and social exclusion that sustain the phenomenon. Read on
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    African leaders are gearing up to realize the demographic dividend in Africa. John Dramani Mahama, President of Ghana, opened the 7th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights in Accra on 8 February 2016. The five-day conference gathered some 1 000 high-level experts, including African women and youth associations and other civil society representatives. Read on