What can Africa expect from COP22?


In an op-ed in Jeune Afrique, NEPAD Executive Secretary Ibrahim Assane Mayaki delivered his vision of Africa’s COP22 priorities. According to his analysis, climate change adaptation is the number one priority for Africa. The consequences of climate change are already being felt on the ground and the international community must help Africa deal with this new reality. Moreover, Mayaki insists that climate change is also an opportunity to rethink Africa’s development models. African countries will need to be better supported through this process. For example, NEPAD launched a climate change fund in 2014 that offers technical and financial assistance to African Union member countries. According to Mayaki, direct access to climate change financing for African agriculture remains the most important challenge that needs to be addressed at the Marrakesh Summit. “The African continent will need to gain direct access to all the new climate funds with minimal intervention from intermediary actors,” Mayaki declared.

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