We are exhausted by the talk, talk and talk


On the occasion of Africa Day 2018, Jay Naidoo, a former minister in Nelson Mandela’s cabinet during South Africa’s first post-apartheid government, reflected on the state of the continent. “We are exhausted by the talk, talk and talk. Our lives are littered with the broken promises of leaders. Our current leaders are out of touch. We are the richest continent under the ground but we are the poorest in the world. It’s time for leadership and governance. It’s time the older generation moved out of the way,” he wrote. “With more than half the youth on our continent without basic skills, this is a major bottleneck. Clearly we need industry, academia and government to align our education investment with our new growth path and industrial strategy.” He noted that civil society organisations at grassroots levels have a crucial role to play in mobilising an African Agenda, led by African governments, but he said that their work should be “done transparently in a way that involves citizens, civil society and business.”


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