Using the media for regional integration


The ECOWAS Commission is about to launch a television channel and a radio station in every country in the region that will broadcast programs promoting regional integration. These programs will focus on subjects that the Commission believes are powerful engines for regional development, in particular, on science, technology and innovation. The project was unveiled by Professor Hamidou Boly, the Commissioner of Education, Science and Culture, at a workshop for science journalists that focused on ways to make science and innovation more accessible to ECOWAS citizens. They put the spotlight on the role of the media, taking as examples the television campaigns that present information about the prevention of diseases like HIV and tuberculosis, and, more recently, Ebola. Similarly, the ECOWAS television and radio channel will attempt to present all of the experiences and practices within the region that can improve people's lives and promote business development. After the meeting, reporters wrote a statement in which they called on ECOWAS to invest heavily in science and technology as a means of fighting against poverty.

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