UEMOA strengthens its Think tank


At the initiative of the UEMOA Commission and several West African research institutes, researchers from the eight UEMOA member countries gathered from 25-28 September in Dakar. They brainstormed together on how to better integrate West African expertise into policy making. The three-day workshop covered several themes. A special focus was placed on food security and how to improve smallholder farmers’ access to seeds and inputs, how to improve intra-community agricultural trade, and how to generate jobs for the youth.  The “UEMOA Think Tank” aims to foster collaboration and exchange between research institutions of the UEMOA area; to encourage the production, assimilation and sharing of knowledge on community issues; and to provide input to UEMOA  Commission to help it make decisions. The think tank was launched in May 2016 and connects some 20 research institutes.


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