Symposium on the future of the Sahel


The Sahel is at the heart of African and global concerns. No single stakeholder can tackle the complex security and development challenges facing the region; governments, regional organisations, the international community, civil society and researchers must join forces, and, in particular, forge stronger connections between research and policy-making. In support of this effort, the Sahel and West Africa Club Secretariat (SWAC/OECD) hosted the French Higher Council for Strategic Training and Research (CSFRS) on 29 September for a symposium on Sahel-Sahara regional issues. Two CSFRS reports formed the basis for discussion. “Prospective study of Sahelian realities 2030” proposes four possible scenarios for the Sahel based upon a selection of economic, social, political and security criteria. “Bringing the desert together: How to advance Sahelo-Maghreb integration” from the European Council on Foreign Relations advocates for a more holistic approach to regional integration between North Africa and the Sahel. Some 50 participants from the region, international partners and international organisations participated in the informal discussions and shared their insights with policymakers. The SWAC Secretariat will continue to be a space for policy dialogues for its members and Sahel experts.


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