Senegal: cheaper electricity prices


In his New Year’s Eve address to the nation, Senegalese President Macky Sall announced a 10% drop in the price of electricity for 2017. This measure will allow Senegalese consumers to save FCFA 30 billion, and it was made possible by an increase in the country’s energy-producing capability following the recent opening of solar power plants and by the restructuring of the national electricity company, which, since 2014, has become profitable. Senegal is showing a strong performance in this sector and the average annual time of power outages has decreased from 912 hours in 2011 to 73 hours in 2016. The president assured the people that Senegal will keep working to become energy independent, and it constructing six other solar and wind power plants that will come online by 2018. The exploitation of recently discovered oil and gas deposits in the country should also contribute to this objective.


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