Sahelian women, both central and marginal


In his most recent article published on the Ideas4Development blog, Laurent Bossard, director of the Sahel and West Africa Club Secretariat, takes a look at the paradox of Sahelian women. Despite the key socio-economic role they play in Sahelian communities, they remain marginalised and are sometimes deprived of their fundamental rights. He asks, “What can be done to address this situation?” The answers are complex, he notes. “We certainly cannot give lessons. It is up to Sahelian and West African women to fight this battle --  to free themselves from the social marginalisation in which they are caught with their children, to obtain recognition for the key role they have been playing in their societies for decades and to have more influence on public and private decision-making.” However, the liberation of women will only come about if Sahelian countries put in place more policies to allow them to improve their situation.


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