Regional commitments to fight against coastal erosion

At COP23, the World Bank organised a discussion, which was also transmitted on Facebook live, about the problem of coastal erosion and flooding in West Africa. The World Bank has set up the West Africa Coastal Areas Programme (WACA) to address the problem. These issues severely affect coastal and island countries from Mauritania to Gabon. Over the last few decades, more than 13 million people have been directly affected by coastal erosion, which in some areas is increasing by 10 meters every year, due to rising sea levels and intensifying tropical storms. This trend has social and economic effects; its impact can be seen in port infrastructure as well as in fisheries, coastal agriculture and urban management. Addressing the problem requires a regional approach, since the effects of erosion move across administrative borders and the interventions carried out in one country might have repercussions in a neighbouring country. Regional co-operation is also one way to pool available funding and co-ordinate the work on this issue.


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