Prevalence of stunting (% of children, 0-5 years)

Chronic malnutrition persists: Malnutrition is, first and foremost, a chronic problem. Rates of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) in the Sahel have exceeded the alert threshold of 10% for at least the past 15 years. In many areas, they regularly exceed the emergency threshold of 15%. Nearly 40% of children under five years of age are stunted. Many factors explain this situation: poverty that limits access to food, weak social protection systems, poor health situation, etc. This is very much a structural problem that emphasises the need to address the root causes of food insecurity and which confirms the relevance of the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR). With the exception of Cabo Verde, a country that does not have any particular difficulties, all Sahelian and West African countries have joined the SUN Movement, a global initiative to improve nutrition. In 2014, ECOWAS launched its own Zero Hunger Initiative. 

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