Oil in Niger

Since 2011, Niger has been a small oil producing country (20 000 barrels per day, 100 times less than Nigeria). The country consumes 10 000 barrels per day of petroleum products which were previously imported from Nigeria. The government asked the Chinese company that operates in the Agadem field, to build a refinery with the capacity of producing 20 000 barrels per day. In 2012, the refined petroleum was sold for 0.82 EUR in Niger compared to 0.45 EUR in Nigeria where prices are subsidised. With a reserve of some 600 million barrels (at the current rate, reserves will last more than 80 years), the refinery could produce more if an 800 km pipeline was constructed to link up to the Chad-Cameroon pipeline (a feasibility study is underway). However, security threats in northern Nigeria (Boko Haram) risk undermining this project.

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