OECD Secretary-General welcomes African Delegation


On the sidelines of the restricted meeting of the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) on 11 April 2017, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría met with a high-level delegation of African leaders for a brief exchange on co‑operation between Africa and the OECD. The delegation was composed of several West African ministers as well as regional leaders from ECOWAS, UEMOA and CILSS and representatives of West African agricultural producers’ organisations. Mr. Gurría emphasised that Africa is crucial for efforts to strengthen global governance and collective action for inclusive development. The OECD is already working with many African countries, first and foremost, with South Africa, one of its five key partners along with Brazil, China, India and Indonesia. Moreover, ten African countries are members of the OECD Development Centre. The Sahel and West Africa Club, a specialised entity dedicated to the promotion of regional co-operation, covers 17 Sahelian and West African countries. Furthermore, the OECDplans to sharpen its approach to building a more strategic partnership with Africa.  Mr Gamar Sileck Assaid, Chadian Minister for Production, Irrigation and Agricultural Equipment, drew attention to the difficult humanitarian situation in the Lake Chad area and asked the OECD to help further mobilise the international community. Chad currently hosts nearly 400 000 refugees and 100 000 internally displaced persons. Mr. Ibrahima Dieme, UEMOA Commissioner, Department of Food Security, Agriculture, Mining and Environment, confirmed the region’s commitment to improving the governance of food and nutrition security. He also announced the nomination of the new UEMOA Commission President, Mr Abdallah Boureima. Mr Dieme also reiterated his appreciation for SWAC’s support in making West African voices heard in major global debates, in particular within the G20. SWAC President François-Xavier de Donnea confirmed the Sahel and West Africa Club’s continuous support, in line with its mission to build bridges between West Africa and the OECD.