After winning bronze medals at the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008 and in London in 2012, Nantenin Keita has finally fulfilled her dream of winning the gold in the 400m T13 in Rio de Janeiro. The 31 year-old Nantenin is albino like her father, the famous Malian musician Salif Keïta, and she is visually impaired. “Do what you want to do, despite the handicap,” has been her guiding principle for her career. Raised in France, Nantenin holds a bachelor’s degree in education science. She works in the field of human resources in Paris. Once her career as a top athlete is over, she would like to use her experience to support sports for people with disabilities in Mali and internationally. She says that disability is not a priority for African authorities. “Detecting sports talents among the disabled would allow these young people see life differently and to look to the future,” Nantenin declared in an interview.

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