Mali: inter-community dialogue to foster peace, security and development


The government of Mali, with the support of the UEMOA Commission and its international partners, multiplies efforts to bring back peace in its fragile border regions. They held a three-day workshop to launch an inclusive dialogue on peace, security and development issues in Mali’s border areas. The inception workshop was held in Sikasso, in southern Mali, from 15-17 July bringing together representatives from the national government, local and territorial authorities, customary chiefs as well as civil society representatives with a view to preventing crisis and restoring peace. Mali’s Prime Minister Boubou Cissé participated in the opening ceremony. Similar consultations will be organised in other border regions. As a concrete outcome, communities of central Mali signed a peace agreement on 25 July aimed at ending intra-community violence (The massacres in the village of Bankass caused some 150 fatalities in March 2019).Different communities (Samogo, Fulani, Dogon and Bozon) now commit to renew dialogue and exhort armed groups to stop the violence. A similar peace agreement was signed on 1 August in the Djenné area. However, Islamist terrorist groups have not been involved in these dialogues and are not signatory of the peace agreements. This clearly weakens the fragile prospects for lasting peace.


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