Mali – four months ahead of presidential elections


This is a must read for anybody who would like to understand the issues at stake in Mali’s next presidential election, which are set for 29 July 2018. Joseph Brunet-Jailly, an economist and Mali expert, analyses the state of play in Malian politics. The prospects are far from encouraging. Mali is in a catastrophic situation: the Algiers Peace Agreement has become void, the opposition is divided and the forthcoming presidential election will probably change nothing. In the meantime, external enemies threaten Malians every day and they are exposed to a permanent climate of extreme insecurity and uncertainty. Brunet-Jailly calls for a political transformation in Mali -- to get rid of a class of political elites who will not bring about change. “This is why the political mandate of MINUSMA needs to be considerably broadened, to cover the preparation and organisation of discussions between Malian parties with a view to formulating a new social contract,” Brunet-Jailly conclude.


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