Lake Chad Conference in Berlin


On 3-4 September, development partners pledged USD  2.17 billion at the International conference on the Lake Chad region in Berlin to assist the region. Development banks announced an additional USD 467 million in low-interest loans. The assistance includes funding for humanitarian, peacebuilding and development activities. Partners aim to support the implementation of the stabilisation strategy that was adopted on 31 August by the governments of Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria, under the aegis of the African Union and the Lake Chad Basin Commission. The Lake Chad crisis is among the most severe humanitarian emergencies in the world with 10.8 millionpeople in urgent need of assistance. Over the past nine years, some 2.4 million people have been displaced, mostly in northeastern Nigeria. The region has some 5 million food-insecure people and nearly half a million children suffer from severe malnutrition. The Berlin conference follows up on previous commitments made at the Oslo Humanitarian Conference in 2017. It was jointly organised by the governments of Germany, Nigeria and Norway and the United Nations, bringing together some 70 delegations from governments, regional and international organisations and civil society groups. Discussions were organised in three panels focusing on i) humanitarian assistance and protection; ii) crisis prevention and stabilisation; and iii) resilience for sustainable development. A civil society-led session focused on good practices and future potential from working with civil society groups. Despite the scale-up of humanitarian assistance, the UN humanitarian appeal for the Lake Chad region still lacks funding. Only 39% of requirements for 2018 are currently financed.


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