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Since May 2017, the Beninese economist Jonas Gbian has become the UEMOA commissioner in charge of policies and initiatives related to agriculture, water resources and the environment for countries in the UEMOA area. Gbian’s key responsibilities concern the co-ordination and orientation of the Union’s common policies for rural development. The portfolio of the former DSAME department (now DAREN) was recently readjusted. It previously also included the mining sector and food security. Born in 1965 in Ina, in the department of Borgou in Benin, Gbian holds a diploma in economic policy management from the University of Abidjan-Cocody and a diploma in banking management from the West African Training Centre for Banking Studies in Dakar. Gbian previously held ministerial positions in Benin, initially as minister of energy, water and mines, and then as minister of economy and finance. When he was appointed as UEMOA commissioner, he was serving as deputy director of the BCEAO. Commissioner Gbian aims to contribute to boosting UEMOA community actions and make them more effective. "People must feel in their daily well-being the actions we are taking", he declared.