Guinea and Liberia report new Ebola cases


Several new cases of Ebola were detected in Guinea in March and in Liberia in early April, just weeks after the end of a resurgence of the epidemic in Sierra Leone. These outbreaks, which had been anticipated by WHO because of the persistence of the virus in some survivors, are a real test for health authorities in the countries. In late March, the WHO Emergency Committee declared that the Ebola epidemic no longer constitutes an international public health emergency, whereas the three most affected countries, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, are now able to effectively manage potential outbreaks of the virus. The committee based its decision on the countries' proven ability to detect new cases and quickly contain transmissions during the resurgences of recent weeks. Faced with the threat of further outbreaks in the coming months, the three countries must however maintain a high level of alert. To support them, WHO has kept nearly 1 000 professionals ready to urgently intervene within the framework of the third and final phase of the agency's response strategy, which should be completed in a few weeks.


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