Ghana celebrates 60 years of progress


Ghana is 60 years old. This birthday is an opportunity to review some of the country’s great achievements since it gained independence in 1957. Its first achievement is the country’s political stability. It has undergone several elections and changes of governments that were conducted without violence. In 2016, Ghana was ranked as the sixth most peaceful country in Africa and the 44th in the world. Several Ghanaian political leaders, such as Kofi Annan, have held senior positions at regional and international levels. Ghana’s second success lies in its quality of education; it ranks 46th out of 148 countries in the world. The literacy rate is 71.5%, the enrolment level of children in school has reached 90% and the government is currently working to provide free secondary education. In the health field, Ghana can congratulate itself on the modernisation of its hospitals and clinics and the development of the health system and medical personnel (see article “Ghana's pharmaceutical industry”). On the economic front, the country continues to stand up to challenges, achieving significant growth rates, increasing exports and creating more jobs every year. In sports, Ghanaians are distinguished in several disciplines, such as football and boxing, and their successes contribute to the international influence of the country. This is also reflected in Ghana's growing attractiveness as a tourist destination, especially among European, American and Asian travellers. This success, which is due to the expansion of tourism infrastructure, has now made tourism the fourth largest contributor to GDP after oil, gold and cocoa. All these achievements are a source of pride for Ghana, although much more remains to be done.


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