G5 Sahel Security College inauguration

The G5 Sahel Security College was inaugurated on 16 September in Bamako during a meeting chaired by Salif Traoré, the Malian minister in charge of internal security and civic protection. The college aims to train security forces and build a network of people involved in security activities, inclduing police agents, judges, religious authorities and civil society leaders. It has created technical trainings to strengthen the capacity of security forces in combating many types of crime. Four dedicated training centres focus on military intelligence (Chad), border security (Niger), criminal police (Burkina Faso) and training services (Mauritania). Maman Sambo Sidikou, G5 Sahel Permanent Secretary,  highlighted three key priority questions. 1) Knowledge-sharing – How can the G5 Sahel conduct trainings that contribute to building a Sahelian vision of security issues while capitalising and sharing existing competences of our region? 2) Enabling environment – How can the G5 Sahel create an environment that encourages the application/replication of recommendations and best practices in the region?  3) Financing – How to ensure sustainable financing for the college? The average cost of a training is between EUR 60 000-80 000 per month. The college benefits from EUR 7 million financial support from the European Union. It is also supported by other development partners such as Belgium, France, Germany and Spain.