The essential role played by farmers’ organisation in West Africa


The essential role played by farmers’ organisations in West Africa has been recognised, notably within the new ECOWAS Regional Agricultural Policy. However, “The omnipresence of agribusiness reminds us that the fight to be fought is not yet won,” recalls SOS Sahel in an opinion piece, which identifies several areas to address. First and foremost, it will be important to strengthen the involvement of women and young people. Women are already active in the implementation of a large number of projects. A training college within ROPPA aims to improve access to training for women, especially in the field of agricultural processing. Farmers’ organisation should aim to address generational issues, women’s integration and the role of youth within their internal organisations and, more broadly, within society. They will also need to do more advocacy and lobbying in order to defend family farmers’ interests in decision-making processes at all levels.


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