ECOWAS builds capacity in natural disaster risk management


In the run-up to COP23, ECOWAS and African Risk Capacity (ARC), a Pan-African insurance that specialises in helping countries prepare for natural disasters, have strengthened their partnership. The two institutions signed a memorandum of understanding on the side-lines of the annual meetings between ECOWAS technical and financial partners. Their partnership fits in with the ECOWAS natural disaster risk management policy, as well as with its agricultural policy and climate change adaptation initiatives. It will focus on the exchange of knowledge, data and early-warning methods between ARC and ECOWAS member states, with the goal of building capacity in order to prepare for and respond to natural disasters. Since the creation of ARC in 2012, three West African countries, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal, have benefited from a climate insurance risk pool after being affected by droughts.


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