CILSS, World Bank sign funding agreement for Sahel irrigation initiative


On 5 February, CILSS and the World Bank signed a new funding agreement worth USD 20 million for the Sahel Irrigation Initiative Regional Support Project (PARIIS). The project covers six Sahelian countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal) and aims to improve stakeholders’ capacity to develop and manage irrigation and increase irrigated areas in the Sahel by 2024. The project follows a regional approach, but each country will receive a grant of USD 25 million. The priority intervention areas have already been identified. One third of direct beneficiaries are women. CILSS is in charge of facilitating the project’s regional co-ordination. PARIIS is composed of three pillars: 1) modernisation of the institutional and planning framework; 2) funding of irrigation solutions; and 3) knowledge management and co-ordination. The project is part of the Sahel Irrigation Initiative supported by ECOWAS, UEMOA and the World Bank. It  is scheduled to officially launch in Dakar.