CILSS opens new training for water engineers


Following a request from the government of Burkina Faso, the CILSS Agrhymet Regional Centre will launch in Februrary a new training for water engineers. Improving water resource management is a key priority for the Sahel and West Africa. The World Bank recently launched the Sahel Irrigation Initiative Support Project (SIIP), which aims to more than double the irrigated areas in the Sahel to one-million hectares by 2020. The project covers six Sahelian countries and will benefit some 80 000 farming households. CILSS is in charge of co-ordinating and aligning regional activities with country specific needs and priorities. There is a permanent need for experts in the region who are familiar with its local contexts and constraints. Capitalising on its experience with studying climate change, agriculture and food security, CILSS has decided to initiate this new training. The application deadline is 20 January 2018.


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