CILSS, G5 Sahel join forces to build resilience


CILSS and the G5 Sahel held a dialogue workshop at the Agrhrymet Regional Centre in Niamey on 12-14 August. As a follow-up to the co-operation framework signed in February 2018, experts from both organisations gathered to explore opportunities to build synergy between key parts of the G5 Sahel Strategy for Security and Development and the 2020 CILSS Strategic Plan. The meeting was chaired by CILSS Executive Secretary Djimé Adoum and the representative of the G5 Sahel, Permanent Secretary Guido Kouldjim. The fourth pillar of the G5 Sahel strategy focuses on resilience and human development. Similarly, CILSS manages several regional programmes to build resilience in the Sahel. It makes sense to co-ordinate and capitalise on these efforts. Participants produced a table reflecting current areas of convergence, along with a joint action plan that identifies priority actions the two organisations plan to implement together in 2018-19. They also recommended strengthening dialogue at national levels through regular co-ordination and consultation meetings between national representatives of CILSS and the G5 Sahel. The two organisations will also work together on fundraising and making their joint work more visible.


Final communiqué