CILSS contributes to USAID food security strategy


The USAID West Africa team organised a workshop on 30 May-1 June in Accra, to brainstorm about future work priorities associated with their food security strategy. CILSS plays a key role in implementing US priorities in the food and nutrition security field in West Africa. The new strategy emphasizes the critical role of regional programmes in expanding trade, strengthening risk management tools and improving access to safe and nutritious food. Governments are largely supported by regional institutions such as CILSS, which accompany national administrations and help them achieve their food security goals.  The new USAID food security strategy is being developed within the framework of the Feed the Future programme of the US global food security strategy. Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal are among the target countries in West Africa. USAID also operates at the regional level via its Accra-based regional mission.


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