Burkina Faso creates Faso dan fani label


The Burkina Faso Ministry of Commerce has decided to protect the “Faso dan fani”, the famous African “pagne” traditionally woven by Burkinabé women. The measure aims to combat counterfeiting and unfair competition and to support local production by consolidating some 30 000 jobs in the cotton sector. It will also protect the cultural identity of the fabric. “The newly created label will be promoted in a catalogue with samples from different regions of Burkina Faso,” indicated Mahamadi Tassembedo, director of the National Centre for Intellectual Property. Faso dan fani means “woven loincloth of the homeland.” Thomas Sankara made it a symbol of local arts and national pride in the mid-1980s. It is commonly used at public ceremonies and family celebrations. Besides the Faso dan fani, other labeled and protected products include the Saponé hat, shea butter and Kaya leather.  

Communique of the Burkinabe ministry of commerce