Boko Haram: The history of an African jihadist movement


Why did Boko Haram emerge in the northeastern city of Maiduguri? How did the jihadist movement manage to control territories in northeastern Nigeria and beyond? And how does Boko Haram adjust its strategies to local and external events? This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand Boko Haram’s trajectory. The author focuses on how Boko Haram interacts dynamically with the community and adjusts its strategies in response to external events. He also stresses the localised aspect of its relationship with religion and politics. “After all, jihadist movements are diverse. Jihadist ideology is not a one size-fits-all package of bad ideas. Rather, organisations like Boko Haram – even if they are in dialogue with global jihadist trends – develop localised doctrines that evolve through interactions with their surroundings,” the author explains.  


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