Boko Haram becoming less deadly in Nigeria

According to 2016 Global Terrorism Index, the number of deaths in Nigeria related to terrorism attacks in has gone down (from 7 530 deaths in 2014 to 4 940 deaths in 2015). Nonetheless, Nigeria is still number three on the list of countries most affected by terrorism – after Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, Boko Haram continues to count among the four most deadly terrorist groups, which also includes ISIL, the Taliban and al-Qua’ida, which were responsible for 74 % of all deaths from terrorism in 2015. Nevertheless, Boko Haram’s control over its home base in Nigeria has been weakened, thanks to targeted military operations from the Nigerian government and a multi-national joint task force. In 2015, the GTI noted there was an 8% decline in the number of attacks in Nigeria and an 18% reduction in the number of deaths. However, this positive trend is offset by Boko Haram’s expansion into neighbouring countries, notably Cameroon (GTI rank 13) and Niger (GTI rank 16). Niger, a country that had no attacks from Boko Haram in 2014, suffered 12% of Boko Haram-related deaths in 2015, which killed a total of 649 people. Private citizens remain the main targets of Boko Haram’s attacks.

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