Avoiding the resurgence of inter-communal violence in eastern Chad


In response to rising inter-communal violence in eastern Chad, the government increased its military presence and declared a state of emergency in its eastern provinces of Ouaddaï and Sila, as well as in Tibesti in the north in August 2019. Tensions might increase during the upcoming local elections, currently scheduled for February 2020. The latest report by the International Crisis Group analyses inter-communal conflicts in eastern Chad, in particular between Arab and non-Arab communities, moving beyond herder-farmer relationships. Among others, the report calls upon the government to “apply the state of emergency more flexibly” to allow inhabitants to access markets and public services, while also punishing abuses by government officials and the military. The report also recommends initiating a debate on how to manage pastoralism and adjust land ownership policies and mechanisms. An inclusive conference on the east could bring together traditional authorities, traders, parliamentarians, and economic and religious actors.


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