Agendas 2063 & 2030: Is Africa on track?

The African Governance Report, produced by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, is a rich source of information on the continent’s governance challenges. It analyses the progress that has been made in the implementation of Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Both agendas have overlapping goals, and the report analyses, sector by sector, Africa’s readiness for both agendas. However, not all measures are quantifiable; not all indicators have targets. Data availability and statistical capacity remain key challenges in Africa. Almost half of the continent’s population live in countries where no census has been conducted over the last ten years. Only eight African countries have a birth registration system with a more than 90% coverage rate. The report calls for more support to address the data gap and strengthen the fragmented data landscape across Africa. It also points to some encouraging initiatives. The AU Institute for Statistics in Africa opened in Tunis in 2018, 33 African countries signed the African Charter on Statistics, and 23 have ratified it.


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