AfDB helps Niger build resilience


The African Development Bank approved on 10 January a grant of USD 43 million to help Niger become more resilient to food and nutrition insecurity. The budget support consists of a USD 23 million grant from the Transition Support Facility (TAF) and another USD 20 million grant from the African Development Fund (ADF). It will support the implementation of the first phase of the Reform and Economic Resilience Support Programme (PARRE) covering the period of 2017-19. “The African Development Bank, Niger’s strategic partner, is holding this budget support alongside the country, not only to reinforce the efforts already made, but also to accelerate results in priority sectors such as agriculture and electricity infrastructure, institutional capacities and governance,” said AfDB Director-General for West Africa Javier Litsé. The programme will place a strong emphasis on improving water management and increasing agro-pastoral productivity. The programme also aims to improve domestic revenue mobilisation, empower women, create jobs for young people and protect the environment. AfDB is active in Niger where it currently manages 15 projects worth USD 510 million; nearly half of the projects support rural development.


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