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Born in the capital city Bissau, Embaló is a member of the Fulani ethnic group. His mother is Malian and he also likes describing himself as “being half a Burkinabe”. A former prime minister and general in the army, he is also businessman with some academic background in political science. Embaló gained popularity during the presidential election and presented himself as a unifier across ethnic groups and religions as he is himself a Muslim married to a Christian woman. In the 1990s, Embaló served as a reserve brigadier general, which gave him his nickname, “The General.” Embaló retired early from the army and moved to the private sector. He launched several businesses, including an investment fund under the Libyan regime of Gaddafi. From November 2016 to January 2018, he served as prime minister under outgoing President Vaz, before creating the opposition party “Madem G15” (Movimento para Alternância Democrática). Embaló holds a master’s degree in political science from the Institute of International Studies in Madrid, Spain.